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Ayana has spent a majority of her time living in the beautiful mountains of Colorado and is a mountain

girl #4lyfe. From a young age, her mom realized that all

of her fun and outgoing energy needed to be utilized, 

enrolling her in every dance class possible. From her love

of dance developed a love for storytelling and theatre, which led to a move to the ~semi~ big city to pursue a BFA in Musical Theatre at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. Ayana is a current senior, and is preparing for her move to the actual!! big city, where she can’t wait to continue to tell a diverse array of stories.

Ayana is rooted in her belief of making sure all voices are heard and works to create a space for individuals to be seen in the light. She is a firecracker that is willing to face adversity head on, a quality passed down from her badass mama.

When Ayana is not in class or in a performance, you can

find her doing portrait photography, making smoothiesworking out, eating hummus, and obsessing over every dog she sees on the street.



Ayana Kjonaas



Height: 5'10   Hair: Brown    Eyes: Brown    Range: C3-E6


     Pippin                                    Leading Player         Boston Conservatory

     Macbeth                                 First Witch               Boston Conservatory

     Can’t Keep Quiet                    Principal Dancer       Boston Conservatory

     Cradle Will Rock                    Cop #2                     Boston Conservatory

     Side Show                              Snake Lady              Boston Conservatory

    The Measures Taken                Agitator                   Boston Conservatory


   Birthright                             Lauren                       M.I.T


(BFA Musical Theatre, The Boston Conservatory


Jared Trudeau,  Alex Crosett,  Matt Stern,  Ron Roy, Ashleigh Reade,

Maureen Brennan,  Bret Silverman,  Joy Lamberton,  Bryn Austin


Jennie Israel,  Marcus Giamatti,  Laura Marie Duncan,  Paul D’Agostino, 

Doug Lockwood,  Paul Daigneault,  Jessica Webb,  Christopher Webb


Styles: Jazz (15 yrs), Ballet (15 yrs), Tap (5 yrs), Lyrical, Modern

Michelle Chassé, Larry Sousa, Tommy Coye, Rachel Bertone, Kari Herman, Danny Pelzig, German Zamuel, Valentina Zamuel, Marina Oreshkevich, Gianni DiMarco, David Connolly

Special Skills

Fluent in Russian (Native language),  Proficient in French,  Licensed Driver, Advanced in sight reading,  Classical Violin,  Passport Holder,  Conducting, Portrait Photography, Riffing, Basic Piano, Beat Boxing, Making Smoothies,  Curating Playlists




Ambe J Photography
Ambe J Photography






Ayana Kjonaas- Commercial Demo